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About Us

Goferr offers an on-demand multi-services solution in Dubai. Our goal is to offer multi-services giving convenience to users via a single booking solution. We offer services for both product and service providers.

Goferr connects users, drivers, providers, and stores to a better app solution. Our app offers bike rental, courier delivery, food delivery, home cleaning, electrician and other multi-services in a single app.

Using the Driver App, drivers can get real-time ride/delivery requests from the users and increase their earning. Also, the stores get real-time order requests and easily expand their business.

Product Featuress

Earning History

A driver/provider/store can see their earning history with complete, pending, running and cancel ride/services requests.

Access Multi Services

After login, user can access multi services such as transportation, delivery and on-demand provider services.

Review & Rating

After completing the services request, the user/driver/provider can give reviews and ratings to each other based on their experience.

Schedule service request

A user has an option to book on-demand services request now or schedule later for future use based on their availability.

User App

You can log in or sign in through your social media accounts like Facebook or Google to book rides/services requests. Using the Goferr app, you can access multiple services in a single app such as bike rental, courier delivery, food delivery, and other on-demand provider services.

You have the option to manage your profile information, invite a friend and change passwords. Also, you can view order history with all complete, cancel, running, and pending ride/delivery/services request with complete details.

You have an option to book rides/services now or schedule later for future use. You access promo codes to get discounts from the total amount of rides/services.

Driver App

Download the Goferr driver app and you will be able to get real-time order/ride requests from the users and increase your earnings. You can log in or sign up through Facebook and Google or via Email.

After login, you have to select a vehicle and provide the vehicle information. After an admin approves your account you can work in multiple services such as car rental, courier delivery, food delivery, and other delivery services.

Also, you can manage your ride/order request using an accept or reject option. You can view earning history with all complete, cancel, running, and cancel ride/order with all details.

Store App

Download the Goferr store app and get real-time order requests from the users and expand your business.

You can see all completed, pending, running, and cancel the order with all details. Also, you can manage an order request by an accept/reject option. You can manage products with online/offline options.

You can manage your store details such as name, email, contact details, profile picture, services radius, and promo code details.

Provider App

Download the Goferr provider app and you get real-time orders for on-demand services such as electrician, plumber, home cleaning and more. You can log in/signup through social accounts.

Once registration is successful, you just need to complete your profile information and add services & packages which you want to offer. After a complete profile, you can get service requests from the users and manage service requests by accepting/rejecting options.

Also, you can view all completed, running, pending and cancel services requests with all details.

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More Features

Social Login

A user/driver/provider can log in or sign up through their social sites like Facebook, Google, or Email to use the services.

Manage Profile

A user/driver/provider manages their profile information such as first name, last name, address, and services radius.

Payment Option

A user has multiple payment options such as cash, credit, or in-app wallet to pay for the ride/services request.

Live Chat

If the user/driver/provider/store ha any query regarding the services then they can chat with each other within the app.


Get all on-demand services you will ever need, in one app!

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